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soo, this time of the year started already. It was quite a short summer, but i still hope it will be one of these „golden autumns“ i really like. when there is this cold wind but at the same thime the sun shines and it is warm. I love that! Even though i like these rainy days too. you can cuddle yourself in a blanket then, wearing those thick wool socks, drinking tea or even better a hot chocolate with whipped cream  and some super nice marshmallows on top. Yes, actually i never do that, but i feel the same way =) it makes me happy! I attached a picture that kind of sums up how i feel. i don’t know if you can imagine but i really think that you can describe your feelings with pictures. and in autumn you can take especially amazing pictures! I mean, you can take pictures of amzing sunsets or sunrises in summer or spring too… i just like the athmosphere of automn. so comforting, isn’t it? right now i don’t know what to write anymore. well, i’m actually surprised how much i could write now, thirst i had really difficulties to write anything!

Have a great time!